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What Is the Real Difference Between Kraft Paper and Butcher Paper?

What Is the Real Difference Between Kraft Paper and Butcher Paper?

brown butcher paper

There are some that say, "Oh...they're basically the same thing." There are others that think they are two entirely different products. Another frequent comment we hear is this, “Aren't Kraft and Butcher Paper just different colors?” The truth is - all sides are (sort of) right!

If you’re like most people, you think that color is the main difference between Kraft and Butcher Paper. Kraft Paper is brown, and Butcher Paper is white, right? Well, not necessarily. Several manufacturers offer brown Kraft Paper, but in reality, the paper is available in a wide variety of colors. It is available in brown, white, or even custom colors.

The same is true of Butcher Paper, which is most commonly white, but is also available in other colors. In fact, according to industry insiders, the use of pink Butcher Paper (aka Peach Paper) has taken off in recent years amongst barbeque enthusiasts.

So, what's the REAL story, you ask?

white butcher paper


While they are typically used for different purposes, some of you may be surprised to find out that Butcher Paper and Kraft Paper start life as identical twins. Both Kraft and Butcher Paper begin with the same raw materials, meaning Kraft Paper actually shares the same exact wood pulp base as Butcher Paper. The true differences between these types of paper is seen when the raw materials are "finished" with or without coatings.


The primary treatments applied to Butcher Paper are designed to strengthen it for food-grade use. Butcher Paper is specifically engineered to withstand moisture better than Kraft Paper and offers superior containment of oils, bloods, and other meat-related moistures.


Our Butcher Paper is FDA-Approved for direct contact with food. This is important if you are in the food service industry. If your paper is coming in contact with food, you want to make sure your paper vendor is supplying you with Butcher Paper that has Neutral pH levels, Low Sulfur levels, and is 100% FDA-Approved. Check out some of our product listings for Butcher Paper or Kraft Paper to learn more.


The term "Butcher Paper" was coined by a few creative industry salesmen who began selling it to butchers for purposes of wrapping and storing cuts of meat and seafood.



While many of our customers use Butcher and Kraft Paper Rolls for food service and packaging, others use them for DIY craft projects, school projects, gift wrapping, and many other unique uses. We've even had customers use our Kraft rolls as bird cage liners, and food for worm bins!


POS Supply Solutions is one of the leading distributors of premium grade Kraft Paper and Butcher Paper (including Freezer & Table Paper Rolls), and we’re happy to answer any additional questions you might have about these packaging rolls. We offer fast and free shipping on orders of $49 and over. Order online or give us a call today!

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