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Our Story

PaperMi - Healthy Home, Happy Body.

PaperMi is run by a family of avid bakers and creators, leading the way to a better tomorrow.

As a busy family, with three children who love to bake, we are always in the kitchen experimenting, creating, and collaborating on all types of weird and wonderful recipes. Our greatest joy is to share our creations with family members and elderly neighbors whose eyes light up when they see the beautiful baked goods we have created over the weekend.

We always want to present our creations appealingly, so that we know we are really making someone’s day all the better. However, we were finding it hard to find a stylish, homely, pretty, and healthy baking paper that matched our yummy cakes. It was in these moments that the idea for PaperMi began to bubble in the back of our minds.

On our mission to find a solution to our baked goods needs, we started to research all options - naturally, aluminum products kept popping up as the main option presented for its convenience and reliability. The more we researched, the more we were shocked. Just like plastic, the metal within the foil comes into direct contact with your delicious treats and, in turn, leaches onto your food, whether it is hot or cold. Aluminum has a high toxicity level that builds up in your body with continued use and goes on to permanently damage your health as well as that of your loved ones.

Recent studies have found a devastating correlation between the continued use of aluminum and male infertility, Alzheimer’s disease, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), to name just some of its damaging factors.

Yet, aluminum is not only destroying our bodies but it also causes severe damage to our planet and environment. Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth, and cannot be recycled, broken down, or destroyed. That is why landfills are full of human’s aluminum products that once served as a baking tray, a wrap for food in a lunch box, or a way to cover items in the fridge.

As a family, we took a stand from that moment on. No more aluminum in our household. We aim to keep our home toxin-free, to keep the ones we love the most - safe, healthy, and eco-conscious from a young age. Through our PaperMi products, we wanted to allow other homes to bake their favorite treats without any harmful materials like aluminum negatively effecting their enjoyment.

Our products at PaperMi are elegant, stylish, fun, and eco-friendly. Allowing every family the opportunity to bake and present their foods with ease. The paper we use to produce our products comes from 100% virgin fiber drawn from renewable forests; this allows us to provide sustainable sources for our future generations.

Making the switch can be daunting at first, going to the supermarket means making conscious decisions to benefit your whole family’s well being. However, the benefits far outweigh the convenience. After all, a healthy home means a happy body for every family member. Small steps make for a big change, and we all play our part in making the world a better place.

Transform your home into an eco-friendly, healthy, wholesome place for all, with the great smell of baked goods always coming through the front door. Enjoy your family time with PaperMi by your side.

PaperMi - Healthy Home, Happy Body.

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