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10 Examples of Creative Butcher Paper and Kraft Paper Uses

10 Examples of Creative Butcher Paper and Kraft  Paper Uses

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Here we have shown 10 ways in which butcher paper and kraft paper can be used.

Targeting range paper
Avid shooters can end up spending a lot of money on premade shooting range targets and can run into difficulties finding the exact size and images they’re looking for. Butcher paper comes to the rescue with a strong, resilient target material that holds up to many different ammunition types and limited moisture without tearing or shredding. Available in many different roll sizes and widths, a pair of scissors and a stapler can turn butcher paper into targets of literally any shape and size. Have it custom printed, or add your own visual touches with black paint or a large permanent marker. Want a life-size grizzly bear target in preparation for that dream trip to Alaska? No problem.

School Kraft projects
This category covers a number of different ideas with the help and perspective from teachers. For example, Maren Milligan - a homeschool teacher - offered several suggestions to other teachers for butcher paper school projects, including: giant timelines for history or science, oversized scratch paper for math practice, and mapping projects for geography. Natural Kraft  paper or butcher paper in white or pink can also be a more economical alternative to colored construction paper for decorations and art projects like collages.

Theater backdrop
Putting on a play at church or school can be a rewarding and fun experience, but it’s also a lot of work, especially on a tight budget. Kraft  paper can be a lifesaver when you need to create a simple but effective backdrop to bring scenes to life. For example, you could attach long rows of butcher paper to a freestanding frame and paint the backdrops directly. For more detail, you can use Kraft  paper, chicken wire, and paint to create amazing, textured backdrops like rock walls or realistic trees.

Bulletin boards

For schools, businesses, community centers, gyms, health care practices and more, butcher paper offers an excellent background for bulletin boards. You can simply cover the entire bulletin board with white butcher paper or black Kraft  paper for a clean, unobtrusive backdrop, or spice it up with decorative borders, a checkerboard design, or any number of other combinations to draw attention to the bulletins and announcements tacked on top.

Both restaurants and home chefs are loving the ease and rustic styling that comes with writing a menu on Kraft  paper, either by the roll or by the sheet. Custom printed paper menus that are torn off a roll for each customer are also increasingly popular. Just hang a roll of Kraft  paper on the wall and install a simple frame or just a couple of clips to hold the bottom of the current sheet. For daily specials or a constantly rotating menu, you can simply pull the roll down, tear off the menu from the day before, and quickly write up a new one. This same option works wonders for entertainers who love to host dinner parties, luncheons, or cocktail parties at home.


From a casual brunch to an unforgettable wedding reception, butcher paper has found a niche in decorating and enhancing events of all kinds. White butcher paper and natural kraft paper provide an inexpensive and highly versatile material that can add class and distinction to any event. Some ideas include:
· Table decor
· Photo backdrops
· Kraft corners for a children’s party
· Dressing up favors at wedding One fun event idea is to create a “graffiti wall” by covering a large outdoor surface in several layers of butcher paper and providing a supply of washable spray paints cover it with messages or artwork from your guests.

Art installations and exhibits
While drawing or painting on blank butcher paper is a popular activity in its own right, some artists have taken the versatile material to a new level of expression with highly creative and beautiful art installations and exhibits. Butcher paper’s weight and density provide a long-lasting and durable base for artistic expression and its availability in several colors offers further options for creating unforgettable experiences. 

Photo booths and backdrops
For professional and amateur photographers alike, nailing a perfect portrait has a lot to do with the background. Colored, printed or hand-decorated Kraft  or butcher paper makes for a beautiful photo backdrop that can be unobtrusive to focus on one subject or specifically designed to highlight an event or special occasion. Either way, paper can be more versatile and less expensive than alternative professional backdrops.

Wrapping paper

How many times have you over-spent on wrapping paper only to use the roll once or twice? Instead, a roll of butcher paper can help you make a statement with the classy and contemporary look of crisp white red or brown wrapping paper. Combined with a simple accent like decorative twine, ribbon, or even a small flower or herb, a Kraft  or butcher paper wrapped present is guaranteed to be remembered. Simply pull enough off the roll to wrap a box as you normally would, then decide if you prefer the classic tight corners or a softer and less formal wrapping.  Try labeling or decorating with white chalk or metallic markers. You can even add a rustic feel with a brown Kraft  paper name tag for personalization or stencil a design for more flare. Butcher paper works great for wrapping wine bottles and other uniquely shaped items, too.

 Table/floor guard and decorative cover
Butcher paper and kraft paper have been used by restaurants as an inexpensive, easily disposable alternative to linen tablecloths, and it’s recently become recognized as a great decorative and practical table covering for entertaining at home. Butcher and kraft paper can be used as:

  • A simple table runner
  • Cut into sheets for individual placemats
  • Used to cover the entire table
  • A fun and inviting surface for a buffet table where every dish can be labeled and instructions provided.

Add a couple large buckets of crayons and watch kids and adults alike have fun drawing and writing on the table covering! It works equally well as a durable floor covering to protect hardwood or tile from messes during parties, while functioning simultaneously as a way for children to enjoy themselves drawing together on the floor.

So what will you create with these 10 ideas above?
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