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Our Brown Paper Food Trays – Story Of Kathie.

Our Brown Paper Food Trays – Story Of Kathie.

brown paper food trayWe often get different feedback from our valued clients. We are proud that our products help make their lives easy. Here we are sharing the story of one of our customers named Kathie and how our Brown paper food trays have helped her increase her customer flow. 

A little Intro

I bought what I would call a mountain style cabin home on one of Minnesota's (over) 10,000 lakes. And, am in the process of making it my own through a little love, white paint, and vintage finds.

I planned to make and sell homemade baking goodies as I am very good at baking cakes and pastries. For baking obviously you will need baking pans. In the past I had tried different baking pans but they weren’t up to my expectations. I recently found Papermi for purchasing paper baking pans and they were just what I was looking for. Apart from baking pans Papermi also sells other high quality paper products like Brown paper food tray

A new addition to my cabin

I have recently also started to sell bbq, fries and fast food and I am get approximately 40-50 customers a day. Seeing a good feedback from customers I have started a dine in portion within my cabin for which I was looking for serving trays until I came across Papermi brown paper food trays. These were great for me as I could now purchase baking and serving items from the same online store. These trays also help me while taking large orders on any event, carnival or get together.

What I like about these Food Trays

I have liked these food boat trays in many ways. A few reasons of praising them are;

1. They are perfect for any event, these boat trays are perfect for home parties, office potlucks, barbecue, funfair, take out, carnivals, fairs, festivals, and food trucks enjoy finger foods conveniently without getting messy like chips, hot dogs, pasta, veggies, burgers and more.
2. Use can use them for for finger foods on the go or as disposable organizer for craft class such as crayons, paints, paper clips, and cut-outs.
3. Safe & easy clean up our Kraft trays are recyclable and easily disposable you don’t need to worry about food contamination as compared to using plastic and styro food trays.
4. Sturdy, high quality, strong & safe no need to worry about food trays becoming soggy due to greasy or moist foods these single-use rectangular food trays are made from durable, high quality, sturdy brown Kraft paper bake, freeze, or microwave your favorite dish using the Kraft food tray.
5. Satisfaction guaranteed our all-natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly brown Kraft paper trays are made in the USA and FDA compliant to ensure customer satisfaction and excellent food quality with its use.

Being a patriot and loving my country I love the fact that these are USA.

We would like to thanks Kathie for giving a great and detailed feedback. We will continue to introduce more paper products in future.

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